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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Serving the Aged Lovingly Today (SALT) is a program hosted by the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm. Young women ages 18-35 serve in one of the 18 nursing homes served by the Carmelite Sisters. We average 5-7 participants on each program and offer the opportunity to engage with other women who are passionate about service to the elderly. Past locations have included Dublin, Ireland; Columbus, OH; Albany, NY; Staten Island NY; and Naperville, IL. Missionaries do not have to be discerning a vocation to religious life or even be Catholic; however, we ask that all participants attend daily Mass and prayers with the Sisters and residents.

  2. It costs nothing! Room and board, as well as our signature blue SALT t-shirts, are provided free of charge. However, missionaries are responsible for taking care of their own travel expenses and pocket money. Each SALT program is approximately a week long with an option to extend an additional week.

  3. Our mission is to serve the elderly who often feel abandoned. This can take many forms. We strive to incorporate the unique talents of our missionaries into service, whether that be arts and crafts, singing, or even baton twirling! Each day begins with a half hour learning session on an aspect of spiritual or geriatric care followed by Mass with the residents and Sisters. Following the Liturgy, a combination of group activities and outings are scheduled with the residents, as well as plenty of time for one-on-one visits.

  4. The richness and depth of a week of giving of oneself to others can best be experienced rather than described; however, our participants consistently report that SALT changed their lives. They say that they “fell in love” with the residents and experience the awakening of a desire to give their lives as a gift to others. Several heard a call to join the Carmelite Sisters during SALT and have since entered our Congregation. All leave with deepened spirituality, listening and life skills to bring to every future relationship, and an understanding of how meaningful their presence is to those in need.

  5. When applying, please submit an application, agreement, emergency/health form, and reference. After submitting all parts of the application, we will contact you for an informal interview. The purpose is to get to know you and answer any questions you have. Applications are due a month before the beginning of each program, or until the limited number of available spots are filled.

  6. What should I bring with me?

    We will give you a blue SALT t-shirt to wear for the week during program hours, so you won’t have to pack too many shirts.
    2-3 shirts to wear outside the program hours
    sturdy, comfortable closed-toe shoes
    shorts, pants, or skirts- jeans are just fine, but remember that we are representing Christ to our residents and should dress respectfully
    a sweater or 2, as it might be chilly in evenings
    a jacket or rain coat, just in case

  7. Travel Information

    The Sisters will help any participant who requires pick up from the airport nearest to where the program is being held.

Download a PDF of these questions and answers here. Have other questions you don’t see answered here? Please contact us and we’ll get back to you soon!