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“When I taste your goodness, I shall not want”

A reflection by Zoey Stapleton


One of my favorite songs is “Vienna” by Billy Joel, and my favorite line from that song is, “Slow down you crazy child, take the phone off the hook and disappear for awhile”. A similar invitation is presented to us by the Father, who unceasingly desires to draw us closer to Him so to experience His goodness. As challenging as it may seem, a genuine response to this invitation can take place only if we ‘slow down’ and allow our our own thoughts and expectations to be put on hold.  


The first thing that came to mind after choosing this quote was the specific connotation connected with the word ‘taste’. Normally associated with our enjoyment of food, tasting involves a certain intentionality. It is always difficult for me to eat, say a piece of chocolate, slowly because I enjoy it so much. However, when I take the time to savor the whole experience that comes with eating chocolate, my enjoyment lasts longer and is actually more fulfilling. The same concept can be applied to any number of passing pleasures that we so easily pursue in place of the love of the Father.  Contrary to what the limits of our human minds perceives as fulfillment, we will never be satisfied until we “taste and see that the Lord is good”.  

Of course, accepting the invitation of the Father and surrendering our perceptions of fulfillment over to His care requires courage on our part. We must make a courageous commitment to trust Him and allow Him to speak truth towards the expectations that we have established for ourselves. God dares us to venture beyond our comfort zone so that we may see things in a proper light. Worldly pleasures will lose their luster and our desire will stretch farther to reach the higher goods, which can only be provided for by the Father. The call to holiness involves great sacrifice, but as the Bible reassures us, our trials are never endured in vain, and the patient endurance of our trials will be richly rewarded in heaven.