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Bring Christmas Cheer to the Residents!


Help us bring holiday cheer to the residents of Mount Carmel in Lenox, MA! We are having a remote crafting party on November 14th at 3 PM EST.

Over the next few weeks, gather your supplies so that when we virtually gather on November 14th, Liz can teach everyone how to create the decorations.  We’re hoping to create enough for 70 residents.


There will be three types of door hanging décor to create and the supplies you will need:


Option 1: Santa Hat Flower Arrangements

· Santa hats

· Artificial flowers in Christmas colors

· Floral foam

· Hot glue gun

· Ribbon (for hanging)


Option 2: Yarn Pompom Wreaths

· Box wire wreath forms

· Yarn in Christmas colors

· Tapestry needle or crochet hook

· Scissors


Option 3: Festive Door Hanging

· Colorful cardstock

· Foam board

· Ribbon

· Markers/Paints

· Scissors